Receiving less than 300 visitors a year, Northern Chad is a destination for the intrepid. Here we travel with specially equipped 4×4 vehicles on remote overland journeys through dunes on which we spend our nights with a million stars above our head.

Tibesti Region

The Tibesti region bordering Libya is a massive volcanic area where semi-active volcanoes are 60 km in diameter.

Travellers crossing the extreme north of the region will find tribes such as the Toubou digging salt and transporting it on camel caravans to the villages in the south.

Ennedi Region

Herds of several hundred camels gather every day at permanent water points throughout the Ennedi Plateau. One of the most spectacular water points, Guelta d’Archei, is nestled at the foot of the Ennedi Mountains and can only be reached by a 40 km passage through dry riverbeds and sandstone cliffs.

We explore the caves along these riverbeds to admire rock paintings and engravings over 5000 years old.

Amazingly, in the northern Ennedi region several lakes appear amidst the sand dunes, bordered by palm groves. Here it is possible to enjoy one of the rarest delights imaginable: a swim in the Sahara Desert.

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